Thursday, November 25, 2010

We play “hopscotch for the rich kids”

We were feeling rich today. “Hey let’s go to Bora later.” “Oh sure!” Things like that.

You know hopscotch, I bet. It’s piko in the Tagalog regions or king-king in the Ilocos. It’s this game were you throw a stone or whatever and hop your way to victory. But since we were “feeling rich”, we didn’t used stones or broken clay pots. Instead, we used our cellphones. Yes, you read that right. Cellphones. Nokia, Motorolla, Cherry Mobile. Well, that’s hopscotch for the rich kids.

My family’s middle class. I never knew the feeling of being financially rich. The highest amount of owned money I’ve ever held is Php 4000 plus coins. I only spend money on things I consider a need (Are Rick Riordan books a need?). But sometimes, just sometimes, I buy my wants. Unlike the rich ones who can buy everything in a bundle of cash or a single swipe of their credit cards.

I want to be rich someday. The people who never dream that are already wealthy. Hey, wouldn’t you want to buy your own dream car? Or your own condo unit in the urban jungle of business people and skyscrapers? Or, heck, even your own private Air Bus? There’s an endless possibility on what money can buy.

My Management 22 teacher told us that money is the root of all evil. That I believe so. Why do people steal? Why do people kill? In short, why do people do crimes? There are other choices but one of them is always money.

I’m still 17. The road ahead is still long…and winding, yes. I have the choice whether or not to make myself rich or be contented with what I have. I have the choice to make my money grow or simply spend it all away. I have more years to decide my fate. But I’m still a kid. I have the choice whether to play hopscotch, for rich kids or for middle class ones. And yes, I choose to play more.

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