Greatest Wants

My Economics teacher told us that men have unlimited wants :)
1. The Heroes of Olympus 1: The Lost Hero 11/16/10
2. Meet Rick Riordan
3. Slate gray cardigan (or something close to slate gray) 12/18/10 (I got a black coat instead. Oh well.)
4. A Sony DSC-HX1 or H20 or NEX-5 or a GE X5
5. 100 Tumblr followers
6. Her (don’t ask me who)
7. A 1.00 in any accounting subject
8. Magna cum Laude
9. My name in a national broadsheet
10. My name in an international news channel
11. Passing rate on the CPA Board Exam
12. 100 books (no, not ebooks)
13. Photo ops with the UPD oblation
14. A book written by me
15. Apple iPhone
16. Apple iPad
17. Plane ticket to a local destination
18. Plane ticket to an international destination
19. Photo ops with the Eiffel Tower
20. Photo ops with the Parthenon
21. Visit Washington D.C.
22. 2011 Planner 11/05/10 I got a Papemelroti Book of Days. Not bulky, not big, easy to carry :) And it’s recycled paper :)
23. Empty (verb. remove the contents of something) one bottle of San Mig Light
24. Meet Gibo Teodoro 02/03/10 (he signed my planner too)
25. European cruise
26. Orishiki spectacle case
27. KFC double down
28. Meet Mr. Conrado Valix
29. Enter the Library of Congress
30. Camp Half-Blood shirt
31. LG T300 or LG GT350i or LG GM360i
32. Meet Kuya Alps :D
33. Meet the person behind
34. Visit NYC
35. Meet James Nord
36. Plant a tree and name it after a stranger
37. Serve the academe
38. Pomodoro (Tomato-shaped kitchen timer)
39. Stove top espresso maker
40. Watch Francisco Baltazar's Orosman at Zafira by the Dulaang UP
41. From Ninoy to Noynoy: 25 Years of the Philippine Daily Inquirer
42. The He(a)rd Mentality by Herdy La. Yumul 1/20/11 A signed copy in fact. :D
43. Room by Emma Donoghue
44. The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott
45. Penguin Classics' 50 Mini Modern Classics Box Set
46. Meet Ma'am Tina of


  1. What will you do with item # 23? :D

  2. Haha... Empty is a VERB. Sorry. Haha XD

  3. omg!why i am included in this?LOL :D

    but actually an idea came to mind....

  4. Why not? :D I'd love to meet you. :D

  5. I was starstruck when I saw him. We even shook hands! And I must admit he's REALLY intelligent. Gosh. We don't have a picture together though. :l

    Here's a link:

  6. Keep on writing, Christian! I do hope you do get to write your book someday:)

  7. I will, ma'am Tina (did I get the name right ma'am?). :) Thank you for dropping by. Rest assured, I'll publish my book someday. :)