Monday, November 15, 2010

I need a cup of caffeine

Coffee cups should come with the label: “WARNING: Addictive!” and a picture of a guy with eyes wide open like an insomniac owl.
WARNING: Addictive.
I had my first commercial coffee last time I visited Baguio City. And no, it’s not from Starbucks.

It was nearing midnight. Surfing the TV wasn’t the best way to kill boredom. Outside our window, there wasn’t much action…nor drama. You could only see a bunch of houses positioned vertically.

“Let’s go drink coffee,” I suggested. My best friend agreed.

The hotel we checked in serves coffee but we know better. We took the elevator until we reached the ground floor and headed straight at Gloria Jean’s Coffee (it’s inside the building). We both ordered an ensaymada and cappuccino (I didn’t wear glasses that time and ‘cappuccino’ was the only coffee I remember). It took a few minutes before we got it. And then we went back to our room.

What’s the moral? Uhm. Drinking coffee is a better way to kill boredom rather than surfing channels.

(Note: I need coffee right now. Commercial coffee. Oh, Starbucks is coming to town. And it’s just three blocks away.)

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