Saturday, July 2, 2011

Live? Love? Life?

He broke the silence with a high-pitched cry. He was the only source of sound in the gloomy room. He should’ve not been born, she thought. He shouldn’t have the right to avail the air the rest of us breathe. He is an unwanted person. He was the product of an accident. He must not live. But still, she carried the child in her arms…but she felt nothing; no connection. As if the kid was a total stranger. Maybe that was it; he was a mere nobody to the mother’s life. Then her thoughts wandered to her past.

The sky was overcast; threatening to rain. They were outside the school, waiting for a jeepney to ride them home. Then droplets started falling. Students ran to the only shed which became jam-packed immediately. She was quite unlucky. She was situated in the middle of the crowd; in the middle of a mixture of scents, some fragrant and some you wouldn’t want to smell.