Friday, February 11, 2011


I was busy sipping my slushie while talking with Patricia when my sight caught the "shining, shimmering, widening forehead". He entered the 24-hour convenience store and I smiled at him. Hey, the person was no ordinary guy; Sir Herdy is one of the best bloggers in the country, a fearless journalist, a teacher and the author of one of my favorite books. Sir Herdy smiled back. Then he went with his task, buy something or two from the
I resumed chatting with Patricia about my life 10 years after our graduation. Then someone patted my shoulder; it was Sir Herdy. Then he told me, "I've read your blog. It was good."

A "Thanks" was all I could mutter. And I'm not even sure if he heard it. Then Sir Herdy went out of the establishment. I stared at Patricia and even she was stunned.

See, a few weeks back, I owned a signed copy of Sir Herdy’s book The He(a)rd Mentality. He wrote this:
...Hope to read some of your works, too...
1.20.2011. To Christian, Thank you for being a part of this meaningful event. Hope to read some of your works, too. (SGD) Sir Herdy.
 And Sir Herdy did read my works. And he praised it. Thank God it’s Friday it is.

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